Animal + Dinosaur contest

So I want to start a drawing contest.
Only one dinosaur and one modern day animal can be included in a hybrid
Only submit one drawing
You must list the name of your hybrid and the combination of creatures

Good Luck!

I will be choosing a winner soon!

Winner: Undecided


So a modern day animal + dinosaur? Nice

I’m using the spin wheel to decide

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Could we possibly include a few more than just this? It’d be more interesting if we had a wider spectrum of creatures to choose from, along with more creatures to choose from, like prehistoric insects and mammals. Also, what is the deadline for this competition? “Soon” is a bit vague lol.


True but it’s a lot of spinning for me

Does the Dino have too be accurate or not because it’s going to look different and just drawing it right no coloring?

Any extinct animal would be allowed

Hmmmm… I likes the thought of this… I’ll whip up a hybrid tonight!

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As it turns out, my friend @Deepseagoblin just got banned until June First so the winner won’t be posted until then, probably

Baryonyx and Crow!


I don’t know yet whether I’ll join this competition or not, but I have a few ideas I’ve been considering that me or others could use.

Elephant Bird + Bobbit Worm
Enhydriodon + Basilisk Lizard (probably the one I’ll use if I join the competition)
Therizinosaurus + Arctic Owl
Mapusaurus + Angler Fish
Quetzalcoatlus + Manta Ray


Rhino + Pyroraptor = Rhiroraptor

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I’m really specific about the species and idk how to start this I’m mostly like this tho

I got leatherback sea turtle + monolophosaurus from the wheel

And I added up closer looks on what it uses to swim

Name: leather back monolophosaurus
Habitat: lush caves and swamps near the shoreline
Diet: seaweed,fish and other smaller animals
Unique feature: it has extremely powerful legs and tail and has incredible hearing and smelling

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Here’s Amphiumaspinus (Spinosaurus + 3 Toed Amphiuma) Before you start saying Amphiumas aren’t real look them up they are real I just discovered them. I got Amphibians on my wheel.
Name: Amphiumaspinus
Diet: Fish, Snakes, Worms, and even Turtles
Habitat: Marshes, Rivers, Swamp near the shoreline, and Lush caves
Unique Feature: Can out of a larger organism Chestburster style and can slither up to 30mph

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Sarc and Komodo dragon

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Please, don’t Hollywood these creatures and instead ground them in reality. This thing going 300 mph would literally kill itself because it’s shredding it’s skin and flesh on the ground because it’s going so fast. Plus, there are very few, if not no organisms at all, that use that kind chestburster birthing thing at all. I get it’s your concept, but don’t just turn them into abominations that couldn’t physically be possible, or have over the top abilities and features.


Ok I’ll nerf it

U have taken my idea of the creatures habitat but ur hybrid can live there as well I guess and also ur hybrid looks amazing

Thx (10 chars)

Soooo? can someone else do the voting on this thread?