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Animation issue video

Hi Ludia,
I already wrote this problem on support team, there is animation issue in the battle with snake creatures and I was requested about few screenshots in answer. But I dont think screenshot would show that issue very good. So I made a short video, where issue is. I am sorry for a low quality of video, but you can see that issue here:

PS: Its enough to show that there? Or I should replied your support team email, By the way, that your worker, who requested me is “Aldrick” You can show this to him.

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Hi Lucky14, thank you for uploading the video. I’m sorry to hear about the animation problem. Kindly include the video in your support ticket. Once our player support agent gets the chance to see it, they should be able to get back to you so keep an eye out!

Aldrick already responded me, he saw it🙂

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