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Animation Type: Hurt/Damaged

How this animation triggers:

A dino has to be at 1/3 of their hp. Once this happens, the usual idle is now the hurt animation, but their attacks will still be visually the same. Examples

-Large Theropods (Tyrannosaurids)
They would look down and breathe heavily.

These will hold their necks down and the body will move down a lot more than usual.

Those are a few examples.

As for flocks, they get a visibly scared animation after only one is still standing. Compies would frantically call and dodos would squak a bit more.

Note: Non-flock creatures, with blood on, would appear bloodied, including during their attack animatios.

And that’s my suggestion of the month. Just sounded cool to me.


I like the idea, love to see visible damage on my opponents dinos, and would look cool if you 3-0’d an opponent with your 1 creature with loads of new scars lol. I’d presume it would kind of be like JWE battle damage? Where at certain points of health during battle you can see each dino showing visible damage and the more they take the more shows up etc


Maybe stegos would look down and shake their legs. Maybe with anks and trikes too.

Great idea!