Animations fixed

Over the past few updates we have had some animation bugs and wrong animations. In 2.12 I feel a lot of these problems have been fixed, an we have also gotten some overall animation improvements.

Probably the most notable change to this was Dilorach. I have nerver actually used it but I have heard that the Revenge cunning rampage animation was just a scream but now its a head slap like Erlidoms distracting impact.

The next one is indotarus cloak. There is really not mutch to say about this except that Indotarus actually turns invisible.

The next to are a bit more minor but stygidarayx no longer flies off the screen while doing the counter attack. It is instead the resilient strike animation.

Vexus has now had its one escape evasive strike animation to match the pinning strike animation.

The last change that I an going to be talking about is the fact that it seems like most shielded decelerating moves are at a different angle.

I am really glad that ludia has decided to fix these animatios.


me too! Thank you Ludia for listening! Did they fix Mortem’s animations?

Nope. They changed everything but Mortem.