Animations when fusing etc

Anyone else tired of watching animations when fusing dna, opening supply drops etc? Well, I know I am so please Ludia, can we get an option to turn such animations off in the settings menu?
Or look at how it works in ”Walking dead: our world”. There, you can tap an ”open all” button when opening their ”supply drops”.
Thanks in advance!

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Same here. I always feel like it takes too long for the fuse to finish and for me to gain XP, especially when I have to do multiple fusions on one creature.

Being able to turn off the animations and make fusion faster would certainly be great. I also wish multi-fusion could be available at a lower level. If I’m not mistaken, multi-fusion takes less time to complete than ordinary fusion.

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I dont want to look at a animations or see my suchotators stats get boosted too.