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Has anyone else noticed that the animations seem to be off in arena? It’s very annoying!

Edit: The regular supply drops have also lost their fast spin animations that the event supply drops still have.


Yeah,for me too…a little bit slow


My Spinothasuchus lost it’s arms executing lethal wound.:sweat_smile: Also the soundeffects are slow and sometimes incomplete. Hope it will be better after restarting the app


Same problem, its so bad.
Rng seems to have gotten worse too


Hoping it’s something they catch soon.


People actually play with sound on??


I can’t play with anything but pandora on. No lie. Game sound permanently off!

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I haven’t noticed a change in RNG. My first battle, trag 5% crit my dino for opponent win, so it has been the same as 1.5 for me. My green mono thingy was hit 3 times through cloak. All of the new shinies are distracting me atm, so not upset about RNG.


I’m not upset either. I just know that my first three battles today, the opponents dinos crit me almost every single hit. Regardless of crit chances. Was about average after that though.