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Anky is the real mvp~

My baby is able to destroy Maxima with little difficulty now.

Though honestly, that shouldn’t be a thing.
Maxima losing its armor along with everything else is just too much.

laughs in Monomimus


No no, Maxima is balanced now - just on a Stigy level of usefulness :smiley: :smiley:

Let’s all remember Ardentismaxima for it’s golden days of right before update 2.0 - strong, balanced and an excellent indo gen2 killer. Ahh, I miss it already.

It isn’t really balanced, it’s just barely decent. It’s probably not even better than it’s parent ardonto, If so just slightly. The strenght It has now doesn’t seem worth the effort. It should have a bit more HP and get it’s armor back. 5700 HP and 10% armor would be the sweet spot. Not to mention the extra cooldown on TSR was the most unnecessary thing ever out of all of those. I do agree with the damage nerf tho. The removal of distraction resistance is good to an extent but perhaps It could have kept around 25% distraction resistance.

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Agreed, they could have nerfed It without hammering It like this

That’s what Ludia does. Just wait till others start crying about the other Dino’s. It’s a vicious cycle


Yeah, the next update they shall nerf both Gemini and Maxima to the ground again(i think they like the drama? Lol) and then make a new unique with the new exclusives and make It the most OP thing to ever walk the game. Just to nerf It to the ground 3 patches later. There’s no inbetween It seems :man_shrugging:

Don’t brag or they will start asking for a nerf

I’d still use Anky.