Anky or sinoceratops?


Guys, guys… and the ladies, which 1 is best to get at the weekend. Im torn as if I go for Anky ill make a legendary but it I go sino Ill get a legendary but im not sure which legendary is best. I dont care so much for unique as my level isnt great enough to worry about it. My team has 4 legendarys already, Indom, stegodeous, monostegotops and tradogist. My other 4 is stego, eniesuchus, Trex level 15 and armogecepholus. Sorry about the bad spelling!

My problem is of all 4 leg i could create I can only choose due to lack of finding dinos such as raj and kentro. I also never find anky ot sino. So guys ehat would you suggest? Are the hybrids of sino better or anky? And which specific of that combo is best such as which anky hybrid is best etc?

I know its all down to opinion and timing but what do you guys think?


Anky… the alloainosaurus is crap


anky… trykosaurus :drooling_face: :drooling_face: :drooling_face:


i would go sino because thats the rarest for me to find and i still have to unlock utahsin.


I need both but I see way more sino than ankla in The wild. Ankla is ultra rare


I’m going 15/15 anky. Need it for rajakylo and to eventually grab tryko.

I see a ton of triceratops anyway, so stegoceratops DNA isn’t exactly difficult for me to come by.


Saw 2 anky in a huddle on a corner today they must be about getting ready for the weekend event. First stacked epics I have ever seen and been playing since global release


I would say sino cause you need a raptor who can have a priority moves and also reduce attack. Ankly got good hybrids but most gets destroyed by any destroying shattering moves if your planning to put shields up*


Hmm a mixed response. My team is mostly armoured so is the raptor leg any good?


Well it depends how your team stands out. Can you place a photo.


If your a collector like me I would prefer all but that would be greedy.



Like i mentioned i can only aim for 1 leg so i need to choose wisely and also based on what i can build on after the event. Anky snd sino are rare but so is kentro and raj


Just got my utasinoraptor to level 20, getting closer to that utarinex. I live in local zone 1, and have seen a handful of sinoceratops in the wild. I may split the attempts, 10 anky and 5 sinoceratops.


13 Sinoceratops collected plus some extra DNA in the Indoraptor event strike incubator and …

Edging ever closer to the 100 creature mark :slight_smile:


Just opened a 12 incubator and got enough Dilophosaurus DNA to complete Diloranosaurus (thanks to a 20 fuse) - 3 legendaries in 4 hours :joy::joy::joy::joy:

97 / 112 and 3 or 4 close …