Ankylo Lux cleansing immunity to reduced damage?

Looking at Ankylo Lux’s abilities & resistances have some strikingly contradicting values. Half of its abilities are centered around cleansing damage reduction, yet it’s 100% resistant to damage reduction…did Ludia mean to make that 100% resistant to stun? Otherwise what’s the point of half of Ankylo Lux’s abilities haha

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@Ned was this intentional?:thinking:

It might have to do with the counter. You don’t have time to cleanse distraction from an incoming hit before you Counter. Could be a good counterplay option if the damage reduction immunity was removed though. Might be worth trading that for stun resistance, since it is an Ankylosaur.


Yeah I just find it rather odd to have a move set that comprises mostly of cleansing damage reduction when said dino is already damage reduction immune…

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Yeah, although it’s not the only one, and not the worst case become the immunity isn’t entirely useless (Ankylodicurus only has 50% Reduced Damage Resistance, but all of its damaging moves also cleanse and unlike Ankylos Lux it doesn’t have a counter).