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Ankylocodon any good?


so i caught a wild Ankylocodon, level 6, i leveled up to level 10. its damage is low but its potentially has a bunch of moves that may make up for this. anyone using this guy yet? is he worth continuing to level up?


I’m thinking of making a go with ankylodon. Stats wise looks very similar to nodopato expect less health for some more speed and higher crit. Move set looks very interesting with some good counters for high armour tanks that are becoming more common on teams. All my nodopato DNA is go to stegodeus now anyway.


This might be a weaker version of Stegodeus.
Could resist stunning with that immunity, but Stegodeus could deal with other debuff with superiority strike.

Other 2 benefits are long shield & quick slowdown move.
But if opponent realized you couldn’t generate big damage, they’ll simply swap to a dino with defense shattering move, and kill that little Ankylocodon.

So, if you aren’t able to create Nodopatosaurus & its super-hybrids (Stegodeus & Gigaspikasaur), you can temporarily use this hybrid to be your tank dino.
But IMO, you might no longer need Ankylocodon when you got those tanks with better damage.


Just used this guy in arena, decent hp and high armor but his dmg is so low that even crit attack can’t kill velociraptor.


It does a good job, as it is immune to stat lowering attacks, can break trough shield and armor, whilst it’s own shield sustains.
(afaik immunity prevents the shield from being removed, correvt me if I am wrong).
But the damage is kinda lame, indeed.

But combined with Einiasuchus (whose better at dealing damage and can flinch) it can be a solid core for early and even mid-game players.