Ankylocodon immunity


Please reconsider the upcoming change to Ankylocodon. Allowing defense shattering to work is wrong. The immunity is working as intended and Anky is the only dino that can do it. It’s its little specialty. Allowing shield shattering to work is the nerf that will kill that dinos usability. It has the lowest damage in the game. It needs a buff of some sort to make up for its shield loss. It already had the long shield turned into a short shield. This is the last nail in the coffin if nothing else is done.


I got different opinion.
Yes, they can do that nerf.
Because this is the only dino effected by that change, and its just rare class.

But please give back long shield.


Immune means you cannot impose a lasting negative effected on the dino.
DSR, similar to nullifying moves, remove a positive effect from dino.
It’s consistent.


yup. i’d be cool with it keeping it’s shield, if it meant you couldn’t nullify my cloak. it’s both or neither.


Definetively agree, don’t touch Anchilocodonte! She is the easy hibryd a new player should make, just because she can be arranged in various situation. She has low damage, nerfing her it is simply not fair for the beginner players.


She should get a buff not a nerf


My favorite dino actually! Best opener. Armor, shield, crit increase, slowing move, immunity. Got the complete package. And with a “cherry” on top.


I disagree. Those are 2 skills that work differently even if they appear the same to you. DSR is a negative effect that ‘shatters’ a shield. This is the only dino in the game allowed to resist shield shattering and it should remain that way. Saying it is exactly like nullify is silly. Thats like saying distracting attacks are the same as nullify because they both reduce your damage when you have an attack buff. At the end of the day too many players complained that they couldnt chomp through something with T-rex so it just had to be a bug.