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Ankylocodon is amazing at Raids

He is amazing since the update can break sheilds, group sheilds the healers and aoe slows the minions, his new first attack cleanses distraction removes cloak and slows.


I helped win smilonemys raid and mammotherium, hes useful for mortem aoe tail attack sheilds the healers.

And it’s good on its own too. Another proof that a creature CAN be useful on both. Didn’t need to ruin some of them in the arena and tourneys.

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@Asta would be proud

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Yes Anky is. I’m so glad she got a buff. :smiley:

Anky is good both in Arena and raids, mines killed erlindoms np.

In raids i group sheild, aoe slow till minions dead, sheild again impact boss and sheild again impact boss goes down, round 2 aoe minions sheild impact boss aoe sheild next round then aoe slow minions taken out. Then its group sheild for boss aoe attack impact again get healed group sheild again and boss goes down.

In arena killed erlindoms sheilds priorty for rampage do impact tries distract use first attack and erlims dead. Cleanse distract remove cloak dead.

Even before buff


dead erlindom too to a rare.

well erlidom is not good in this update sadly.
As almost everything using a cloak.

Which is why i simply lvled and max boosted indom, same attack maybe slower but peirces armor with rampage and is bulkier.

kills erlindoms np same lvle and same a hybrid dinosaur! shes got the most haunting roar cuz shes a hybrid dinosaur. Killed magnas too by not cloaking.

Very few hybrids are not amazing in X content once you get them to 30 and invest a large amount of boosts in them. This is the good and the bad part about boosts

I love my max boosted indom i love sleepers, i got 13k golden chicken dna for erlindom but using rexxy dna for tryko, already 230k raptor dna hehe go giga scents at night.

Anky is not bad for a rare

My Alliance has used her to good effect against the lower two bosses as part of the usual team build.

Shes good for smilo too.

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Yes, we have used her against that one too. I was quite surprised by the effectiveness to be honest.