Ankylocodon nerf!?


Did Ludia just nerf Ankylocodon a moment ago? His long protection just was reduced to short protection.


You’re right lol he was already very average, even worse now :man_facepalming:


They did not…
-goes to check-

-anguished screams-


I knew something felt weird. Why would they do tho? It already was all ready under powered.


I’ve been using him in my line up for a little while now, I feel like we was perfectly balanced and well rounded.


They buffed allo and now his basic attack breaks shield :joy:


As well as tarbo now has the same as allo


I sense a new Tyrannosaur meta… All of the Tyrannosaurs in game have been given a fighting chance! I even noticed someone using a lythronax in Badlands earlier. Haven’t seen that one being used in a while. We can expect more Tarbos and Gorgos as well.


Argentinosaurus was changed also. Use to deal 2x damage with 1x cooldown, now 1.5x damage with 2x cooldown… not cool


Yeah… Wasn’t happy with that one. Tino was one of my backup tanks for times when I wanted to give Apato a break. Looks like I need to get Giraffa or Brachio. Their rampage attacks are mean.