Ankylocodon nerfed too much?


I understand ankylocodon was too powerful for his tier, but nerfing speed (120>107), shield (long>short) and shield not protected by immunity against defense shattering is just too much in my opinion. What do you think about it? Maybe dmg was nerfed too?


They only nerf because people complain when they lose, its easy to complain when you cant win lol think he wasn’t that good anyway with his damage the way it was even with the moves it had, still could get killed quickly


Yeah his attack and HP are terrible. Im not sure why people where complaining about it. Any heavy hitter or nullify could easily out match him. Removing long shield made him more useless. Well not useless. But alot less fun/gimmicky


The only nerf I noticed is that his Long Defense was changed to Short. Last I checked, he still has Immunity (which comes from the Ophie base), but he’s never been very fast from what I remember. His attack and hp are bad, but Long Defense made up for it.


Yeah honestly I think immunity should protect his shield since I believe nullify should not affect him.


@Wilffio me too. Nullify shouldn’t remove his shield.


I think Immunity does protect the shield. Every time he was up against a Rex, even the Rex’s strongest attack did nothing.


I wondered what was up with him, I had just leveled him up and put him on my team and this weekend he didn’t seem as useful as normal, so I benched him…


Just checked him. His health seems a little higher, probably to make up for Short Defense but everything else checks out. Probably depends on the team and who’s being used and how Codon’s being used.


@Angela_Flynn I believe it only protects against shield shattering but not against nullify. But don’t quote me on that. I could be wrong. If your up for it we could test it out.


I think it doesn’t protect against shield shatter either. We need to do a test or two


@Angela_Flynn & @Democraticdonkey I can verify from myself in a fight just last night that Defense-Shattering X fails to bring down his shield from his passive Immunity, but Nullifying X removes it, somehow bypassing his Immunity from debuffs. Not sure if it’s a bug or a rework, though I’m suspecting the former.

Immunity is immunity, after all.


I experienced this over the weekend… I was surprised that the debuff worked on him, but that the shield didn’t shatter…

The debuff makes sense, since he’s immune to status effects, but debuff is just removing my own status effects not instilling anymore. I was surprised that it considers Shield Shatter a status effect and is immune to it, rather than being treated as a debuff.


Can’t have a tank that can block trex big bite nuff said. Otherwise Rex should get about 20 speed to compensate lol


So in 1.4 it will be debuffed since Defense Shatter will destroy its shield? Well I think there is too much dinos with Defense Shatter , it is so easy to cancel shield. This dino is not strong one, but it is fun to play. And I play for fun, so please don’t remove his immunity to DS


It’s wrong to let the shield get shattered, you’re right. One complaint too many and it will now be a completely useless dino.


Tanks can’t resist anti tanks or the meta is useless think of it like an oversight like raptors and move along its a rare anyway should be a good indicator it’s not late game material


I would not classify it as a tank. In my opinion it does not have enough armor neither health for it.

Also I want to enjoy all the game not just the late game… Especially because I am a casual player and the late game is months away for me.


Has both shields and armour=tank tragodistis doesn’t have as much HP as stegod don’t make him not a tank


It is a tank, but only effective against other tanks. It has immunity, which means that no matter how much your opponent sits there hitting you with slowdowns or stuns or reduced dmg atracks, they won’t affect you.

I only use Ankylocodon against any of the stegs my opponents throw at me. Once they swap in the shieldbreaker, it’s time for 'Codon to tag out.