Ankylocodon now nerfed: WHY?!?!


Okay, so is anyone else disliking the fact that Ankylocodon can’t defend against the Defense Shattering dinos? Like, before the update, Ankodon was able to dish out three turns to a Rex (give or take a crit assuming you had your Short Defense up first turn) before dying. Now, I fear pulling it out first because its defenses are wrecked if I try. Shouldn’t the Immunity stick with the defenses?

Think about it - Immunity blocks speed and attack reduction, DoT, and Stun. They are all bad right? So is the destruction of the shield. Immunity should block that damage, like it had been before the update. Ankodon was good becasue of that. Don’t take that away from her. Ludia, please bring this back :cry::sob:


They probably intend to bring out future immune dinosaurs with shields and this one we have now would set too much precedent and cause balance problems down the road as eventually one might have a full deck of immune shielders and be too problematic in PvP.


They ruined it for me, It became useless…


It’s definitely not useless, just less “op”. It’s still quite a versatile dino imo, just not endgame stuff.


It’s only a rare hybrid it’s not supposed to be that good.


It wasn’t nerfed, it’s back to how it was. They tweaked stuff in the last update that accidentally made immune dinosaurs not have their shield broken, and Ankylocodon was the only immune dino with a shield. It was NOT intentional to have his immunity extend to his shield.

Immunity only protects base stats and prevents status changes. Shield is stacked on top of base stats, therefore is subject to being destroyed and manipulated and not subject to immunity.

They didn’t nerf him, they put him back to how he was supposed to be.