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Ankylocodon shield cannot be removed. Bug or intended?


Ankylocodon has Short Defense. His shield cannot be removed by Defense Shattering Rampage, but it can be removed by Nullifying Impact. I’d assume that’s because it has immunity. But it’s not clear whether an immune creature being Immune to one thing but not to another is a bug or intended? It’s certainly not consistent. I’ve read posts speculating either way, so I’d like to have an official response.

Can we get an official word from a dev on whether that’s intended or whether that’s a bug?


Sounds like a bug to me, I doubt many people have come across this specific glitch, definitely report it to the devs


Not a bug. Anky is immune to the shattering. Nullifying can still remove its shield.


Yeah Ankyoclodon has passive immunity so it and its shield is immune it to those attacks. But as mentioned nullifying attack will still remove the shield.


It’s ankycodons annoying gimmick. I don’t understand how immunity blocks defence shattering rampage. Reminds me of when they made raptor that could kill any tank and broke the game lucky his damage is low to compensate. In general Ludia should stop making Dino’s that fall in a category but then counter their hard counter!


I knew that little guy would be a good asset in combatants. The problem is that he is too small to get anywhere. I already took him to level 16 and he still isn’t quite big enough. I would say he needs to be a level 22 or around there to become any type of theeat in combatants.


Agreed. I’d love an official response. I sent a message through the support system a week ago asking about it and never got a response. If nullify works than shield break should work. Immunity needs to be consistent. It either applies to the shield and everything or it doesn’t. I’ve yet to have the chance to try nullify on an enemy that has immunity and a buff rather than a shield. Perhaps it still works then as well? In which case I feel like it would be a bug. Or nullify is supposed to be a counter to immunity but it’s not very clear about that.


Nullify removes positive effects, it is not a negative effect and thus not blocked. Shattering is a negative effect that only destroys shields. Just because they do the same thing in the end, does not make them the same.


Well said, my friend :ok_hand:t2:


And just because people don’t like it doesn’t mean it’s a bug or inconsistent, you explained exactly how it works but people will still complain and want it “fixed”


I would completely agree about that. He is awesome. Immune to negative effects, and nullifying is very important against that guy. Hit him with a gorgosuchus defense shattering attacked and he will not likely survive, even with the shield… hint hint…


Turns out it was actually a bug :stuck_out_tongue:


They didn’t say it was a bug, though. Amazing, the power of whining!


Any negative effect that removes the shield would be negated because of the immunity.

Nullifying does not have a negative effect. It just removes abilities; therefore, bye bye shield.