Ankylocodon Shield is immune to defense shattering attack


During the strike event and now in Arena I wasn’t able to break Shield of ankylocodon. On both occasions I was using Gorgosuchus. Defense shattering strike and defense shattering rampage didn’t work. Kindly look into this. I was not able gather screen captures during this incident


Ankylocodon shield can be removed only with deprivation hit.


With immune creatures all negative effects are deflected - this includes defence shattering moves


I experienced this this morning. It’s a bit harsh that it prevents the shield destruction as well.


Agreed - and it has been debated at length in other threads; nullify still works.


So glad I read this. I can serve him up to T-rex now lol. Been using the wrong first move all along.


It’s one of the main reasons I have a level 26 Ankylocodon. :smiley: Can even take out a low level Trykosaur. :stuck_out_tongue:


Tryko is strong but slow. A lvl 22 Indoraptor will take out a lvl 22 Tryko anytime cos it’s 2 hits to 1.