Ankylocodon thumbs up or thumbs down

Is it worth upgrading ???



I like it. Always good against Raptors. A decent opener too since it has high defense and immunity.


And she has a winning smile too! I love that toothy grin!


That is one dino I always make sure has a spot on my team, but I am still in the lower ranks of the arena.

She is the only immune dino that can shield. So defense shattering attacks don’t break it’s short defense.

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I’m torn between swapping my lvl 12 Dimetrodon with my lvl 13 Ankylocodon or not. Both are passive, but Ankylocodon has shield, and armour, also higher critical chance. However, the critical hits seem to be broken currently as they do no more damage than a normal hit.

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She’s good to have at lower and mid arenas but because of such low damage even at level 20 she doesn’t last long in the higher arenas, even still I’m aiming to level her up so eventually she’ll have good enough damage to put on my team.

Good at lower levels but doesn’t have a strong “battle” stat. When you get to higher levels the opponents have too high of “Heath” numbers for this guy to have much impact with 1x and 1.5x damage attacks.

Metahub stats here

Hope this helps!


She’s really good in the arena. I’ve gone up against many Velociraptor’s with her, especially blue, and she is perfect. Shield and and armor piercing is a really good combo, like a tanky tank-fighter.

Best tank besides trago
10/10 would upgrade!

what arena are you in? i wouldn’t use it in 8, maybe not even 7, but 6 and lower it looks pretty good i guess.

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Ankylocodon’s great. Despite his nerf, I still use him and he still does a fantastic job shutting down most dinos, including Tyrannosaurs.

Ankylocodon is Nice, slow, armor, Anti armor move and Immunity, he is cool to counter raptor and low/medium Level tank. Weakness is low Attack, but we can’t have all in one dino :joy:

Just levelled up my Anky to 24, just to push the basic attack pass 700.

1.5 attack will yield slightly over 1k damage, which is fine for me :slight_smile:

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There are better dinos. I mean it’s fine if that’s all you got but dioraj is better, ankytro is better, tragodistis is better, stegodeus is better. The only plus side is the immunity.

Mine is 1/3 of the way to L30. In the Aviary it is the only thing that effectively counters utarinex and dilocheirus. It either kills them, or gives them heavy damage until the run.

So, I think it’s worth it. Oh, and it can crush a L26 or less stegod… ankytro - no sweat.

As you can tell, I like the dumb little roach.

Dinosaur of the Day #7 - Ankylocodon