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Unfortunately there is a bug and I can’t seem to fuse the hybrid atm. Went out hunting and found this new hybrid in the wild. Got just enough to create it. Here are the move set list and just the cool dino itself. Thoughts?


Awesome!!! Great to know its in the wild hehe :slight_smile: and the moves are good! Specially because of the 20% crit! Looking fwd to getting it.

Immunity is also nice!


The moveset looks pretty good. A tanky tank destroyer.


What level do those two have to be? Is it 10?


An immune dinosaur with a 4 turn shield and isn’t impossible to obtain? Oh yessss! I don’t like how she looks too much though. I mostly don’t like hybrids looks. My favorites so far are probably Sarcorixis and Rajakylosaurus look-wise.


This one just looks like an armored dimetrodon.:thinking:
But due to hybrid system bug, only the 2 new super-hybrids could directly created now.
Hope they can fix this problem ASAP.


I think that for those two you have to first encounter it one time in the wild and catch DNA from. Cause that’s what I did and then I was able to fuse and create. BTW I did not get enough to create it when I encountered it.


Here’s the trouble:
We couldn’t encounter Diloranosaurus in wild. But it’s a legendary hybrid released in ver.1.3.
Although I got both Ourano & Dilopho in lv 15+, still couldn’t unlock her.:sob:


But who knows maybe diloranosaurus is in the wild. But its really rare and you need to find it once so you can start creating. Or maybe it might just be bug ludia needs to fix😊.


Sounds more like a bug, though Diloranosaurus probably spawns in the wild just like other epic hybrids do.


Uh…I think that’s impossible.:thinking:
Cuz Dilorano is legendary.

BTW, you can see my 3000+ darts. That’s becuase my account stucked in unlimited darts bug.
But my darts normally decreasing now. So I think they fixed this bug, just FYI.


Oooh, right, yeah still getting used to these new guys xD then nope she won’t spawn and we just have to wait for the fix


Its probably just another bug lol like the one above where ive been stuck on that screen for 5 minutes :joy::joy: they beta test the game for 2 weeks and still release the update full of bugs… it makes no sense to me :man_shrugging::man_shrugging::man_shrugging:


it makes no sense but seems to happen in every game -.- annoying


Hey Calebrys, thx for posting about this hybrid. I was looking forward to starting these new hybrids but could not. At least now we can see the skillset. If anyone has any of the other hybrid please do post! Only managed to get sacrixx, got tons of DNA for it since i never lvl einiasuchus further then 10. But i am debating wheter how good this one is before i pump it up. Suchotator seems a strong rival for nandasuchus DNA now!

About the Anclylocodon, it looks like a very usefull skillset. Immunity, armor breaking long shield and slow!
Perhaps it is a good canidate to battle the stegoceratops. Just have to see if the stats are good enough like attack power and HP to be effective with the cool skillset it comes with. Perhaps test it in friendly battles? Will be 26 then.


Most definitely, it’s not a problem :smile: I’m highly considering pulling out the pyroraptor, and just level up this roly poly looking dino. So many new dinos, and such limited space on my team.


Ankylocodon is very similar to Stegodeus. Compare moves & stats to see for yourself. Thinking about including him on my team but not sure which tier he’d be in.


This is my current team so far. Would this be a balance of tanks? I’m hoping to acquire the diloranosaurus by the next couple days, and I’m not sure how these two hybrids would compare just yet. Indecisive me is contemplating leveling up the ankylocodon. It’s an impressive skill set dino but it’s going to cost a lot to get it near my other level dinos.

How did I level my megalosuchus from lvl 16-20 in 7 days… oh my. Still got the weekend event to go for this gal :smile:


@Calebrys Nice!! How are you liking the megalosuchus so far? :slight_smile: and well, the ankylocodon is looking good… yes it’s gonna cost quite a bit but it might be worth it! Im gonna level mine up hehe


Honestly, I’d have to say she is the :star:️ of my team. There is so many different strategies you could use with her. Most importantly her passive counter bite is approx 633-700+ on top of a 5% critical hit chance. Thats equivalent to a 1x bonus hit move.

Earlier today, I fought a match with my megalosuchus at lvl 18 against a lvl 16 Indominus. The indominus dodged both my shots, first being ferocious strike second to short defense. Hit me with armor piercing ramage x2 and she barely got scratch. Can’t wait to level her up more. Showed the indo who’s boss :grin:

As for the ankylocodon, you should! That tank can do pretty much anything, and even better the areas loaded with those commons so If you got the mullah, she’d be a high leveled indestructible roly poly.