So I occasionally see high leveled ankylocodon on some teams and I leveled mine up to 18 and tried him out but he doesn’t rly seem to shine. I feel that he relies on the DI which makes him weak against other Dino’s with immunity and outspeed like monomimus and since he has a low base attack stat he also rabidly relies on DI and API in order to dish out decent damage, but since he’s slow the 2 turn cool down (cant remember but maybe his API was a one turn cooldown) on those attacks still restrict him. Yet I still see him in high ranked teams quite often. So Could you folks tell me what I’m missing? I like his design so if I can use him I would rly like to, plus it did cost a decent amount of coins to get him to level 18.

Swiss army knife … does a little bit of everything … levelling it up in the background but not a priority …


Related from this morning:

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Aw looks like I may have wasted my coins

Not wasted. As I said in the above link as long as you have it above average opponent level it will do what you want it to for the most part. Whether that is something you want to carry on further up as costs increase is a decision you must make. It could also be ingredients for a hybrid one day so maybe the leveling is something you would have done then anyway.

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That makes me feel a bit better thx :slight_smile: most Dino’s in my arena are like 19 or 20+ so maybe I’ll hold back on him for now. But I’ll keep collecting anky gen 2 and Ophiacodon just in case

Mine is 18 and ready to level up … which I will

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I have my current team, my maybe team and my “ones for the future”. Ankylocodon and Megalosuchus are in the last category.

Anky carried me all through the Marshes. He’s got a little bit of everything. Slowing, shield, armor, higher crit, and best of all immunity. Health is good enough at high levels 19+. I love using him to chop down any stunners. He’s a real pest for raptors too. Just be sure to keep rotating his shield. He’s been down to ONE health for me before lol. On my backup squad for now but i don’t hesitate calling him back every now and then.

Actually “pest” is a really good description and not necessarily derogatory …


Us roaches have feelings too you know :expressionless::face_with_hand_over_mouth::joy::crazy_face:


A few patches ago, ankylocodon had long protection and it’s shield cannot be defense shattered, so I guess that’s the reason why it was good, now it was nerfed so you must have it at a very high level to be effective. In arena 8, I’ve seen this creature at lv. 25 and it’s doing okay when overlevelled.

It can still be a pest to get rid of if RNG isn’t on your side. I have 2 dinos with Defence Shattering attacks and one with Armour Piercing, If I don’t get any of them It’s like digging out a splinter trying to get rid of the little blighter.

Monolometrodon is in the same swiss army knife camp. It has a great kit and has pulled off some amazing wins for me. It also needs to be two or more levels above the rest of your team. It is immune so the damage, although low, will never change.

If your team is 19 – 20 level it to 22 and it will fit right in.


Oh monolometrodon is already on my team so maybe that’s y I’m struggling with anky

Anky is good for me in ruins at lvl22. I use him to lead the line due to immunity n slow spd attack.
Can take down a lvl20 indom n withstand a dodge+full hit, provided indom don’t crit hit.
For now he is keeping out 3 lengendaries in my team :smile:

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Apologies for going off topic for a moment but any tips on using Sarcorixis? Mine is only lv 14 (I’m still in Lockdown) and thought it would be an interesting addition to my team.

I always try n use Sarcorixis from 2nd to 4th in line attacker, to maximise the swap in shield.
When to bring him out will depend on the situation, so far for me, I usually bring him out after indom has cloaked(if I’m lucky enough to have it in my team) as it cuts the next 2 attacks more than half with shield + armour.
Plus with 50% increase attack followed by 1.5times & 75%stun, it packs a punch!

It has served me well in Sorna n will continue to do so in ruins, at least until one of my other lengendaries hit a higher lvl, then I will consider swapping out this Croc.

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