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Ankylodicurus or just stick with the original?

I mean don’t get me wrong. That hybrid is awesome and is just a beautiful spiked version of that hideous shelled rat but looking at his stats, it just makes me want to keep the ankylocodon. It’s like looking at purutaurus and the purrolyth. Both of really similar though, for some reason, the epic hybrid is a little undergoing for what it should be (or what they both could be if you see it that way).

Everyones’ been waiting for this hybrid, extraordinarily hyped up, I am too and it looks amazing. The idea is great as well as it’s move but its’ overall move set and stats are just repetitive with a sacrifice in immunities and crit for a distraction resist (which it will cleanse with every move anyway) and extra armor (which I do admit is a good add on.) Though now, we have have it become a complete resilient with no group aiming moves (we occasionally used this for raids) and if they changed group shields to group taunt then why would they remove group deceleration too?

This is my opinion, I hope to hear yours and even though this was discussed in many other topics; I would want to hear your opinion on either move set changes, stat changes or a completely other hybrid now that this one is out.

It’s better, but they screwed some things up. First superiority rampage should be changed or swapped for resilient rampage, and then maybe do full decel immunity. Better than ankylocodon, but it needs a push. Also could do with a bit more armor


I think the armor is more than enough but the resilient rampage is a good touch, especially if they want to aim to a raid creature.

I think they just need to lower the cooldown on superiority rampage to 1. Other than that, the only differences between it and resilient rampage are dodge bypass vs removal and speed decrease removal, and all of it’s attacking moves already bypass or remove dodge anyway. I suppose it makes a difference for raids, but the cooldown is the biggest thing keeping it down right now.


Remove the delay or shorten the cooldown


Yeah either or. Most rampages have a 1 turn delay, but not all (e.g. group decelerating rampage), so either option would help a lot.

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They honestly could’ve kept the group decelerating impact instead of making it into a regular resilient impact if they wanted a 1d2c on the rampage.

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Also disappointed it has zero fierce abilities.


SR 1 delay 1 cooldown
RI change to DSI/FI/API

Ankylocodon looks way cooler. That’s all.


personally like ankylodic more. to each their own.


ankylodicurus is really cute and looks like a angry chocolate chip muffin.

Only changes I would make


Weird thought, but should Doedicurus have superior vulnerability? Now don’t get me wrong, I don’t think it needs a buff at all. But Glyptodon has it, and Ankylodicurus has it (while Ankylocodon doesn’t), so thematically shouldn’t Doedicurus have Superior Vulnerability too?


I prefer Ankylocodon over its hybrid. Can’t be slowed, has a defense shattering move, shields, multi turn slow move, and its the original ankle biter. Lol

If its hybrid was 100% slow immune and/ or have a defense shattering move, I’d like it more.


Ankylodicurus is a waste potential to me

What does Ankylodicurus mean?

I think it means fused tail. Ankylo means fused, dicurus means tail

Right? I’m not much into remembering and knowing every single class and ability of each creature but it seems a waste of a fierce creature to make a straight resilient, especially in such an early stage.

Can’t unsee this :joy:


Stick to the originals (plural)

Head to head Ankylocodon eats the Chocolate muffin up as does Doedicurus, depending on when shields are used.
The chocolate muffin is not going to do much good in the arena, and the ingredients involved are actually bettered utilized for the weekly tournaments.

For the hybrid rare tournaments Ankylocodon is one of the 10 best creatures to use.
For the non hybrid rare tournaments Doedicurus is in the top 5 rares to use.

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