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Ankylodocus Or Unayrhynchus?

Hey guys whatsup! Hope everyone’s doing good with the busy weekend we have. I needed some advice, as you may or may not know i was building my lineup so that i can expand my ferocity in some time. I have thought about everything but there’s something i wanted to ask about my future herb lineup. I have decided on 3 monostegotops, 1 level 30 ankylodocus (already have 2 level 20s) and 1 level 20 Unayrhynchus.

Now the thing is level 20 Unayrhynchus has some good health of 2190 but his attack his trash with only 560. My ankylodocus at 30 will be better with 2345 health and 733 attack. Unayrhynchus would cost 19780 dna and with discount 16800 dna to make a level 20 since i would get one already by fusing. Whereas ankylodocus would cost 10920 and for 4 it would cost about 43680, with discount 37,128 dna. So i have to spend about 20,200 more dna to get another ankylodocus to 30. So whom should i go for?

I am personally looking for ankylodocus since it has better stats and i would have maxed him technically. Unayrhynchus is cheaper but he will struggle in pve. I am ready for suggestions. Thank you.


The l30 is much stronger, hard to compare.

Is this for dom or balancing your line up?

The L20 when moved to 40 can help with getting an Indoraptor one day.

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I think Ankylodocus is the good choice for dominator due to the stats and cool down.

You’ll have to spend more DNA to get another ankylodocus … but 1) it would have better stats so technically it would be better and … 2) we all know how much you like ankylodocus … so why not :sparkles:

This is for dominator. And as for indoraptor its going to take me more than atleast 6 months to get indoraptor even more. So i can get Unayrhynchus in the future but for now who’s better?

Alright thnx

Yeah i love anky :heart_eyes:

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Thnx @Timmah, @Nonthawath_777, @Rey Ankylodocus it is!

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My level 20 unayrhynchus just ends up being used as a meat shield in dominator matches, I will be getting this guy to 30 but ankylodocus 30 is perfect for dominator matches, I dont think there is no right answer here go with what you want to go for I say :facepunch:

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@Aether_12 Since I have 5 lv.10 Monostegotops I did not want Unayrinchus

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Yes same because I have 4 monos and 4 more i can hatch I’m not too worried about adding herbivores atm, its amphibians is where I am lacking atm.

The new creature I will be maxing as soon as I win it!

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