I have a level 9 ankylodon, and a level 11 ankylosaurus gen 2. For which one should I use DNA to level up? Currently, the ag2 is on my team (it’s a useful tank, though not as good as the euoplocephalus) , but only since it does more damage. Should I work on the ankylodon instead?


I have no idea, there is probably other dinos you could use your coins on tbh… euo is good because you can eventually get a legendary from it :blush:


This evil little worm is so hard to dart.


I use to ignore darting the ankylosaurus gen 2 and the ophiacodon because they weren’t good nor evolve. Now at low levels combine these two and get a Ankylocodon which has a bunch of moves that frustrate your opponent.

It seems that Ludia keeps changing dinos moves and evolutions so who knows what will be next month. I just dart whatever is around and those that don’t need leveling up right now just sit and wait until the game changes. Currently have 48 dinos that could level up but stockpiling coins for the ones I really want to grow.

hope this helps.