Ankylomoloch Pretty Decent - Broken for Raids

I got to try out my Ankylomoloch in PvP and seemed pretty decent. It held its own.
It has more speed and a bit more damage than the other spikey turtles.


I attempted to switch Ankyntrosaurus with Ankylomoloch in the Haast Eagle raid but the group shield doesn’t work and neither does the group attack. I suppose if they do fix this, it won’t be till the next update so I’m disappointed.


So it’s not just me? Over been trying to use it against the pestilential flocks, but the group attack gets absorbed. Is that wrong? Is there anything that can fight those things and NOT get the attack absorbed? Not to hijack the thread… Is there another thread giving advice somewhere? Those flocks are just dumb…

Just another bug to neglect. I mean 2 patches in group cunning impact still has no cooldown even if ovimoloch is kinda garbage

@Oriondestiny - I wouldn’t bank in it being fixed with the next update. Mortem wasn’t fixed after the last update despite not doing as it should do since being changed on the one before that!

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Thanks for reporting this to us, Oriondestiny! Our team is still looking into the Taunting Resilient Group Impact ability. :mag:

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