ANKYLOMOLOCH where is it?

In this weeks Valentines celebration featured creatures we have 3 legendary creatures to chase down for a total of just 2 shots / attempts at darting them.
Indominus Rex
Parasaurolophus Lux
Ankylomoloch ( Bumpy hybrid )
Where i live locally both the Indominus Rex and the Parasaurolophus Lux are running around in plague proportions yet again but there is no sign whatever of the Ankylomoloch ( Bumpy hybrid ) this is a problem that has been hanging around for some time now and i can honestly see no end in sight in the near future.

Why is this happening is anyones guess but lately a high proportion of the advertized creatures are simply not appearing in the game as promised when by rights they should be there, if you are going to advertise certain creatures to be appearing in the game on certain dates then for Pete,s sake put them in the game when you say you are not one or 2 of the advertized creatures but ALL OF THEM AT THE SAME TIME .

The usual excuse of * sorry that cant be done * no longer holds truth as we can see numerous types / classes of dinosaurs appearing in the game hourly, daily, weekly etc in vast numbers at times.

I found it you just have to drive out to find it.

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I had more anky than indom. Probably about 40% ankly & para, 20% indom. Darted both the former.

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I found all my Ankylomoloch. It’s definitely here

Perhaps in your local areas it is appearing in abundance but not where i live this happens a lot when special dinosaurs are advertised to appear in the game but do not.

This is very frustrating as you see friends / fellow alliance members getting them like a plague of locusts while you simply starve for even one shot at the special dinos.!.

Hence my comment about releasing all of the advertised dinosaurs at the same time when they are advertised to appear not 1 or 2 of them but ALL OF THEM.

I saw a few (but I darted para lux) and my friend darted it

For me it was Indominus and para swapped

I got 2 of them, disappointed, I wanted para