Ankylos lux crit chance

There is a problem with this dino, each encounter I get a crit from her. 90% of the fight since it’s release i got a crit.
I even lost my mortem against her from a double crit.

Someone else noticed it ? Or am I just super damned ?

Probably just unlucky.

Though that being said, creatures with 30% Crit rate seem to score CRITs way more often than anything else, including Mortem.

Doesn’t Ankylos Lux have 5% crit chance? That’s what the Field Guide and Toolbox show.

yep 5 percent and mine crits once in afull moon if the tideas are right :stuck_out_tongue:

It does, I’m just referring to the likes of Skoonasaurus and others who CRIT hit significantly way more than they actually should :rofl:

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yes i have noticed that by my skooni also doesnt crit that much it just hits really really hard :stuck_out_tongue: