Ankylosaurs reworked: Poll

The way the game does it, Sauropods are the slowest, then theropods—both chompers and counter-attackers—then Ankylosaurs. It is an interesting choice, but I decided to stick to it since reworking the balance between classes would be a bit much.

I also happen to think Ankys should do high, non-AP and non-shattering damage, to beat almost anything they can stall out (anything that can’t get through their shields, without actually using deceleration).
I also think they should either have a naturally high critical chance, or a move that increases it, just to lend them some credit for the bone-shattering hits they were realistically capable of.

Blunt Force does all of these things, but I also would have preferred a move that didn’t have so many effects. That said, Superiority Strike was Ludia’s solution to the Pounce meta, and it had 3 effects, which really was something back then, yet it worked out fine, and everyone came to accept it.

So I think 4 isn’t too much since Superior Vulnerability exists. If it weren’t for that move, I would probably have cut down on the critical chance buff, and made the Vulnerability affect both turns.

I’m glad you like it! I meant it as a replacement for Pinning Strike on some of the counter-attacking theropod’s movesets, like Concavenator and Megalosaurus, maybe even Lythronax and Majungasaurus.

It isn’t really meant to be something that can be used deliberately often, it’s just to make sure that certain dinos like the Rajas don’t turn to butter once their shields are down. Which, given the prevalence of Shield-destroying moves and counter-attacks, is very often.
Plus, any creature that takes down shields without meaning business will be forced to deal with the consequences.

TBH, i’m not a bit fan of Tanks doing very low damage in general. It just seems a way to make them irrelevant. I’d be keen to increase both their base damage and crit-chance. Given that they lack speed control they will basically always go lastish. For that to work, they really need to be able to tank at least two fairly big (non-shatter) hits to be relevant and then dish out enough damage in two hits to kill some things. Otherwise they are basically awful.

If Ankys had a base crit of 20% and +100 damage it would probably make them more relevant. I have used Tragod a lot and it is a very cool dino, but it doesn’t really have a epic/rare/common equivalent (maybe Euoplocephalus I guess?) that isn’t really awful.

The cleanse thing is kind of nice, but the problem I see with it is that the other faster dino will distract the turn after vulnerability comes into play so you’re kind of screwed anyway for the ‘big hit’ that is supposed to follow.

There distinct lack of Vulnerable Impact (given Ferocious Impact exists) also.

Another route to go could be to make the base move do a 1 turn shield and 1 turn vulnerability. That way one wouldn’t be torn between ‘XX protection’ and vulnerability. Few other dinos have such obviously conflicting moves. Against non-shattering speedsters, this would basically be the Anky’s version of cautious strike, slowly chipping away at them.

In my opinion, the armored vehicles should have a new passive … I can think of … shared damage … only when receiving an attack breaks armor your enemy receives 50% of damage that has caused you … passive … … comment you … I think it would be a good move … or do you think that in ancient times the ankilosaurios were easy prey?

The good thing about Blunt Force is that it can do a decent bit of damage on its own, with Vulnerability plus 75% crit chance. That’s one of the reasons I gave it to the Ankys, since they don’t have any multiplier moves. They can shield on turn 1, then spam their basic against a speedster.

I’ve always thought the game was missing a trick with not having an immune to vulnerability feature (except those with full immunity) and thinking about it this would be perfect for the anky’s

Excelent reworks, i specially love the new moves blunt force and devouring strike, agitation is also a very interesting ability.
Though there are some other aspects I’d like to change on ankys. First, i think all ankylosaurs should have between 30-40% armor, It makes no sense to me that one anky only has 25%. I would also like to add one more signature ability for ankylosaurs, an impact version of long protection:
Long shielded impact: 1.5x damage, 50% shield for 3 turns. 0 delay, 3 cooldown.
Edit: Turns out my Idea was very similar to @Goobahfish’s lol

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That could work. The hybrids could retain regular Short Defense and Long Protection as watered-down versions, and the non-hybrids could get the Impact versions.

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Edit: Just realised that Tryko has waay more health than any of its components, and it’s even worse with Ankyntro. So I reduced Ankyntro’s health a little bit in exchange for the higher-damage basic, and buffed Anky’s health considerably while lowering it’s attack stat to compensate.
Now Tryko makes much more sense

I forgot to comment on Dio before so… The Dio rework is very interesting, though as i answered in the poll I’m kinda on the fence. I want It to be different than Tryko but I’m not sure this version is as good as the current one. One important factor is the removal of precise shattering counter. Imo this reworked Dio definitely needs It to survive in this meta. I’ve also though of two different alternatives for Dio based on your rework.
-Give your reworked Dio that move you created, Thunderous Bellow, instead of Bellow. That way It compensates for the lack of precise counter, slows and helps with damage output.
-Replace shattering counter with Devouring counter( deals 1x shattering damage, regenerate 10% of damage inflicted with the counter), that way It gets a bit of that amazing raja move in it
I might have gone a bit overboard, but i think your Dio needed a little bit more.

A different take:
Superior blunt force( just blunt force with slowing)
Ferocious strike
Distracting rampage
Instant invincibility
Precise shattering counter
( No longer has agitation since It keeps ferocious strike)

This one is closer to the current Dio but mixes the anky signature move with stegosaur slowing. It allows It to set up distracting rampage on the second turn after slowing and making the opponent vulnerable for a devastating hit. Or It could use ferocious and stall with instant invincibility against non shattering dinos, such as erlidom. It has good versatility while distinguishing itself from Tryko.

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You read my mind :wink:.
I wanted to introduce Thundering Bellow in the High Tyrants thread before giving it to Dio.
At first I was hesitant about the move, but then I realised that Dig-In does the same number of things (4) so it’s fine.

I’ve named it Gluttonous counter in a previous post (the same one where I came up with Devouring moves), but I didn’t want it to go through shields, since I thought that would be too much.
But I did want Dio to get some of that Regen, so I’ll consider a shattering version (P.S.- I actually had Grypolyth in mind when I came up with that counter).

That new basic would have 5 effects, so I’m leaning towards no.

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There is another possibility.

Bellow of the Maharaja(Royal Bellow sounded a bit oxymoronic): Priority. Opponent Distracted 50% for 2 turns. Opponent speed reduced 50% for 2 turns. Shield 75% for 1 turn.
Delay: 0, Cooldown: 2.

Diorajasaur is the “Doubled King Lizard” after all.

Anyway, then we wouldn’t need Distracting Rampage anymore, so it frees up a move slot.

Perhaps it could be filled by a Devouring move.
Then again, there’s also Thagomizer (reworked version, perhaps? That would mean Bellow would no longer need Decel, so I could slap another ability on there).

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Very interesting it really fits Dio, the devouring move could also be an impact.

Haha i misspelled It
Indeed, i agree it’s totally fine with the build you made

Oh i don’t remember seeing this one, i love this concept. I think a shattering version would be ok for Dio, It has low damage and agitation is situational, many times a shattering move will kill Dio before, and the damage output won’t be broken, it’s the same as a ferocious boosted. I would totally go ahead with this concept, It feels strong but balanced to me, not to mention very cool.

That’s fair( but isn’t It 4? Crit increase, vulnerability, cleanse distraction, slow. Unless you count doing damage as one). Though there’s the option of removing the crit increase, so it has the same effect of superior vulnerability without inflicting vulnerability before the hit. But since It doesn’t make the opponent vulnerable before the attack I don’t think this combination of 4 effects is OP on Dio, it’s damage isn’t high and the crit chance would be 40%, not that much garanteed. We should also consider that most of the time Dio won’t benefit of the vulnerability or slow effect as many of it’s opponents are immune. So, at least as the game is now, It could probably get away with a move like that without being broken.

Oh, it wouldn’t be broken with 5 effects, it’s just that after Cautious Strike, people seem to be against any new moves that have too many effects.

Well i can understand the cautious strike PTSD, but also think that we should think logically and not stop trying to come up or enjoy multi effect moves just cause one went overboard. There are a lot of combinations that can be interesting but not OP depending on the specific combination and what dino they’re on. I think the community should try to be open minded and analise each case individually :grinning:

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Blunt Strike: Cleanse Distraction. Deal 1x damage. Target is vulnerable for 1 turn.
Delay:0, Cooldown:0.
It’s enough for good basic move.


~4350 HP
~950 attack
~106 speed
~30% armour
~10% critical chance

•Vulnerability Strike or Blunt strike
•Ferocious Strike
•Long Protection
•Instant Invincibility

•Armour-piercing Counter

~4500 HP
~1050 attack
~108 speed
~30% armour
~10% critical chance

• Superior Vulnerability
• Ferocious Strike
• Instant Distraction
• Instant Invincibility

•Precise-shattering Counter

I feel like the risk of giving Ankys Immunity to DoTs comes from how common that Immunity already is. If we took some of those dinos that have it (Like the Baja line, for some reason) and gave them your Immunity to Vulnerability instead it would leave room to give the Ankys DoT Immunity. Of course, hybrids like Nodopatosaur/titan, Tryko, etc, may need to lose that in favor of something more like Immune to Vulnerability. They’re hybridized onto a bigger body, therefore more vulnerable to DoTs. Or in Trago’s case the Para line softens parts of it up a bit more. But Imm to DoT makes sense because, I mean, IRex couldn’t crack the sucker open and had to tip it to make it vulnerable to snap its neck in JW.

P.S. Thank you for not giving Tryko Blunt Force. That at 65% crit and vulnerability combined with DSR and its high attack would be bonkers.

Edit: I just thought of another signature move to enhance their tanky role.

  • Hunker Down: Priority. 100% shield for 2 turns.
    Delay: 1 turn
    Cooldown: 4 turns

It takes the best aspects of both Instant and Long Invincibility to combine into the ultimate tank move. But it also combines their cool-downs as a consequence. Only dinos with the Anky body type are capable of possibly having it. Making Ankyntro the only current hybrid candidate and leaves room for a Anky Unique to inherit it. Thoughts?

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That’s a great move idea! It makes sense too.
You said Ankyntrosaurus would be the only hybrid to get it, but what about Tragodistis and Amargocephalus?

Amargocephalus, maybe. Only because Eupho doesnt get much being a common. Trago I would leave because Long Invincibility syncs well with its other cool-downs and the 0 delay compliments its high speed perfectly. if anything for Trago, I’d go as far as combining SS and Blunt Force into Sup-Vuln and giving it Impact instead of Rampage. While I’m typing this I have to ask you, what’s your take on a Thago rework? Minor DoT? 1 turn Vuln? Or is that for a separate topic you plan to do? I’ve looked at your other stuff and really enjoy it!

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I conducted a poll a while ago, and the majority voted for DoT, so I’ll definitely try that out, but I might come up with other versions too. Vulnerability would make sense.