Ankylosaurus instant invincibility not working


Is anyone else having this problem?

Instant invincibility does nothing… I take full damage from my opponent!!!


If your opponent use moves contain Nullifying or Defense Shattering effect, they can remove your shield and direct attack you.


You’re correct, but I’ve been in battles with dinos without those abilities and taken full damage… It seems like a glitch.


What Dino were you fighting? Do you remember? Most of time bug reported are mistake by reporters!


I had this happen to me yesterday, the opponent brought in Anky and I brought in Rex, he used instant invincibility, I used defense shattering impact, I got a critical hit, and for some reason it went straight through my opponents shield.

[edit] Does Rex destroy instant invincibility shields? It never played the shield break animation for me, just the crit one…


T-rex got Defense Shattering effect, so it isn’t a bug.

But T-rex Gen2 don’t get that, only bypass armor.


I literally just had this happen and I came to the forum to see if anyone had posed this question and I’m happy it was answered. I had no idea that defense shattering can get rid of the instant invincibility. I’m going to have to change my strategy when I come up against a T rex next time! :smiley: