Ankylosaurus instant invincibility


When I read the instant invincibility skill for Ankylosaurus, there is a cool down of course, but no delay. That should mean I can use this turn one, which Would make sense anyway to use it as a scout ability to see what your opponent is gonna use. However, I can’t use this turn one. Is this a bug or did they just not type delay of 1?


It’s starts with a cool of one on it, but the no delay is meaning you start for that turn when you use it even of your slower.


I didn’t even notice that until you mentioned it @Cookie!

Long protection: Cooldown 4, Delay 1
Instant Invincibility: Cooldown 3

However, you can’t use Invincibility till you can use Protection, despite the tool-tip stating it has no delay… Anky’s been smokin’ crak!


This is very annoying, especially since raptors can use pounce turn 1. Should be usable turn 1 just to help balance raptors a bit.


But the anky can live longer against a raptor