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Ankylosaurus is not a theropod


As fahr as I know Ankylosaurus does not belong to Theropods but to the group Ornitischia/Thyreophora

Education should be a great part and attaction of this game, so be exact as long as descriptions go. Thank you.

Greetings from Slovenia


This one is actually a hybrid of Ankylosaurus and Alanqa, which wasn’t a theropod, but an Azdharchid pterosaur (which was related to, but not a true dinosaur).

Rajankylosaurus is the theropod/ornithischian hybrid.


I believe in description about hybrid Alankylosaurus is written:

“Fusion of pterosaur and theropod DNA has given this flying hybrid uniqely strong defenses.”

I believe theropod DNA is related to Ankylosaurus LVL 15.

Greetings from Slovenia.


You are right, it is an error.


Okay, i misread what you said before. My mistake. Yeah, they did sorta screw up there… makes me wonder who’s writing these bios?


yes, but it’s not a theropod. i think that is the issue the op has.


Of course it is not a theropod, thats what I am saying from the begining.