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Ankylosaurus : Useless Epic

What is the use of this dino beside creating hybrid?
She can’t attack. And any dino with break shield ability can easily take her down in one turn?

This Dino had uses early on an was very good at countering raptors when they were running amok in the early days. She isn’t bad per se Just out dated.


She‘s stretching the battle to annoy ur opponent if he/she has no chomper and bleeder. :ok_hand:


If she dies, but leaves a vulnerability on you, it’s GG for the killer dino if a sweeper comes next.

50% extra damage on a pounce is no joke.


When the game launched it was a lot harder to obtain epic DNA, so every epic was much more valuable as an individual.


Not to mention that. Its instant invulnerable was actually invulnerable as is only remove positive could bypass it. Not just destroy shields


I remember that I would have anky on my team.
She was a trooper, high health and decent damage great for draining unwanted dinos; while still staying safe.
Instant invincibility was the main attraction.


I don’t have her high enough but I bet she would still kill an indominus ar the right level


Choose wisely between the two hybrids it makes. The unique they feed into may seem forever away, but the time will come. I have both of mine at level 20, and now Anky is much harder to find since they’ve hidden it away in parks and auto repair shops only. I wish I’d made a choice back then and never created the second.


I used Anky a lot in the lower arenas, was very useful with the instant protection. Once you get out of the lower ranks then yeah it’s only use is really fusing it’s hybrid. But it’s far from being useless. Just gotta know when it is useful to use, i.e. early days.

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Even at release I rarely used this dinosaur. Euplocephalus is much better option.


How does a vulnerability strike kill an iRex?

It isn’t useless, if the opponent only has armor piercing attacks the shields come in handy; and if you hace a Dracorex GEN 2 or a dracoceratops, you can go for vulnerability strike and then switch it

It is a regular attack. Too. And the invulnerable shield .

To beat Indom duh


Whoever says this is a useless dino is wrong lol, instant invincibility helps it imo


10 chord-acters

I am right next to an auto repair facility and three parks believe it or not, and have NEVER seen one at either. I am starting to doubt they appear there.

I’ve seen an Anky at an auto repair nest two times. Two different spots I see often, but haven’t seen another at either since. One of the jest spawns was post 1.6 and got Diora to 25 :pray:

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She’s good for a place holder, when you want the wound to get something :wink: