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So… is it still in the game, or what?

Haven’t seen one in over 2 months.

These spawns suck.


I just did 2 epic scents in L4 and got…1
And haven’t seen one in the wild in months.


I haven’t seen one in the wild since November.
Which sucks, I need it for my baby

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November is the last time I saw one too. My dioraja is stuck, and it sucks. I really like and have a lot of everything else I need…


Funny this is posted… I literally just found the first one in the wild about an hour ago… first one in over 2 months…


I’m hunting it aggressively, and have decent luck in the early morning (dawn until about 1pm)… I have had to buy epic scent capsules because I have yet to get one from events, and can get 1-2 along with other creatures in the same area.


I’ve encountered 5-6 in last month. Most of them were in L4


Just do an epic scents in L4, and i got ankylosaurus,only one though


I have seen about 4 or 5 in the wild in the past 6 weeks. Only 1 of which was with a scent capsul. I never saw any before 1.6 and I am in L4. It’s been nice :slight_smile: It seems spawns are so random though for people.


I have seen a reduction in this dinos spawns since the last update.


Especially nest epic spawns


Ludia, please make Ankylosaurus a 24 Attempts Featured Creature, together with Tuoji 48 Attempts.


24 attempts would mean 8 epics featured, and I really doubt that is going to happen. I am happy with the 12 Rex we are getting this weekend as usually they only feature 3 epic dinos. But doing an armour or another hybrid feature week would be nice.

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Kidding, only seen one in the wild since 1970


Where have yall been looking? I saw 4 yesterday alone!


i think the real question is where have you been looking.


Southern california, I think I just get lucky lol it sucks when you have the rarer component of a hybrid ready to go but gotta wait on the more common DNA! :rage:


Bumping this thread… Is Anky actually still in the game? I have not seen one in perhaps 3 months at this point. Did get some DNA from an incubator, but have not seen one in the SF Bay Area in months. Trying to create some hybrids, but painfully slow when you have to wait for a strike event to give you the DNA.


Unfortunately it is in parks now… I have yet to see one there, and that is including epic scents.


Thanks for the reply. I have several parks near me and have not seen one there. I will not be deterred though! :slight_smile: