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Does anyone else feel a pit in their stomach when they see the enemy with an anky and think ‘oh that would be nice to have on my team’. But then you realize that you were working and they had just changed it to 12hrs for the event. Just long enough for you to miss out. Eveytime I face an anky I think to myself’ I hate this game ’ :joy::joy::hushed: awesome right?


Hopefully it returns in a future weekly showcase.


I hope so too. It would really right a wrong even though the people who previously got it will just have a stronger one by the end of it. But I guess you can’t really blame them since they were lucky to not work 12 hr shifts.


Or just go catch one? They are available to anyone anytime


Lol yeah if you can find one. It’s not like they walk around the parks like they were


Never seen Ankylosaurus somewhere. Just Pyroraptors/T-Rex’s/Erlikosaurus/Ouranosaurus and sometimes, if you are lucky, epic Hybrids or Koolasuchus.


Not sure if it’ll help 'cause Epics are really hard to find, but I’ve noticed most Ankylosaurs (the Euos, Common Ankys, Nodosaurus, etc) seem to like parks or nature-type areas. I would try checking those areas as best you can.


I got mine from the AMC supply drop. He’s a tank and slays the velociraptors.


ankylosaur (epic) spawns in same areas that the common ones do. obviously much less frequently. hes the most common epic in his group (ankylosaur, pyroraptor, stegoceratops)