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Ankyntrosaurus Appreciation Thread


I just thought we should all take a moment to consider how good this hybrid is now. Went from being one of the worst (and naturally, the one I got when I broke down and bought a Legendary incubator) Legendaries in the game to what may be one of the hardest walls to crack. Its moveset is currently:

-Nullifying Strike
-Thagomizer (C: 3)
-Instant Invincibility (C: 3 D: 1)
-Instant Cripple (C: 1)

It has slightly higher health now (I think) and a respectable 30% armor, with a decent 115 speed. The clincher here though, is that it now has Medium Counter-Attack, doing 50% of its relatively unremarkable Attack whenever it lives a hit. It doesn’t sound like a big deal until you look at it in context. This guy can open with 3 turns of little or no damage received, and can still use Instant Cripple every other turn if it wants to. You can’t set up on the thing either, because Nullifying Strike will reset you. Thagomizer lets it continue to cripple raptors and the like while setting you up for a bit of extra damage. If used offensively, it can still do 3-3.5x damage over the course of two turns, assuming it lives, which is pretty respectable. Where it shines though is when it abuses its last two moves to mitigate nearly all damage while still doing 150% of its own damage. Not to mention, these three turns is enough to disable all of the common speedster’s best move rotations. Pyro and Utahraptor are left with no option but to Strike on their first turn of full damage, unless they read you.

It definitely has counters, anything with Defense-Shattering moves as well as the Immune trait won’t fall victim to its damage negation. But just about anything else will have serious troubles breaking through, and I find that really impressive.

All things considered, Ankyntrosaurus might have gotten about as big of a buff as Suchotator did, which is really something.


As bad ass as it looks, I still prefer rajakylo’s moveset especially after its huge buff. All anky will go to the carnivore.


Believe it or not I only just managed to create my Raja a few days ago. Had such poor luck finding them or getting DNA out of incubators. I look forward to seeing what Rajakylo can do once I can start making it. In the meantime though, Ankyntro is darn-near soloing unprepared teams.