Ankyntrosaurus / Rajakylosaurus


So… this weekends event we have the kentro.

Do I use it along with my ankylosaurus dna to create Ankyntrosaurus or do I hold off in the hopes to find a couple of rajasaurus and use the ankylosaurus for that since it can be levelled up to create a unique? :thinking:


Trykosaurus is one of the best if not the best tank buster being so tank atm, so i will try in the future for it


The question is which dinosaurs do you actually find in the wild? I almost never find kentrosaurus or ankylosaurus in the wild but I have my tuojiangosaurus to 20 and more than enough rajasaurus to keep leveling once I get more ankylosaurus DNA. It’s a matter of being able to level it not necessarily which one is better.


I prefer Raja’s kit to Anky’s, so I would personally target her. That being said, if Rajasaurus is hard to come by in your area, Anky isn’t a bad option.

I personally have a ton of extra Akylosaurus dna, so I’ll be making both (once I find one or two more damn Rajasaurus in the wild).


they both are needed for uniques, so tough call. raja is the better legendary, but anky makes a better unique. i personally would go for the better legendary since you probably aren’t very close to making either one of the uniques. i honestly think rajakylosaurus is one of the best dinos in the game, right up there with stegodeus. and you’d be able to use it a lot sooner than an eventual unique.


Look at the future trykosaurus is one of the best dinos and so cool, and diorajasaur is good but not as good as trykosaurus, you can invest ankylosaurus dna now for have good legendary or can use it in next months for better unique


that’s a pretty distant future though. you need level 20s of dinos she doesn’t have, then enough to fuse to 250 DNA. i guess if you win fine now and can afford to sit on a future investment for a while, go for the unique.


All i learn in more than 15 years of games mainly mmos, is save for bis cause at some point you will stay at the point where you regret of not saving before for BIS


Except if your a collector you need both anyway.


And that’s the reason we need market-trade-auction option.We could trade some Dna of your Ankylosaurus to my plenty Dna of Rajasaurus.


I’m sitting on 1117 Akylosaurus dna. I could probably part with 500 of it for some Rajasaurus dna.


That’s my point.And then there will be a proper reason that we have been divided in 4 habitat zones.So the community can cooperate through trades


Meanwhile i have near 2k kentrosaurus dna( counting this sunday event) and 30 ankylosaurus dna haha