So I dropped 5000 cash on the legendary box the other day and got the Dino in the title.


It’s not just bad, it’s absolute garbage, the frustration of having poor epics is one thing, but having a Dino that effectively does nothing, (it struggles to beat pretty much anything else) and is legendary is ridiculous.

This is the exact kind of negative experience that puts me off spending anything more on games like this, congrats if you went for the incubator and got something good, however you definitely have my sympathies if you opened this!


I got it in first legendary incubator +pryrritator was so dissapointed of getting they meanwhile people getting allosinosaurus and uthasinoraptors. But in the last 2 ones i got another pryrritator(not so dissapointed cause is useful vs some matchs and i want magnapirytor in future) and allosinosaurus who is a beast, but still have that ankytrosaurus in my collection who hurt me each time i see him xd