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Anniversaries coming

I don’t remember the exact date I started playing, but as we get closer it would be nice for Ludia to do a little something for all of us that have been around since launch or shortly after. Just a thought :slightly_smiling_face:




May 30th for me.
I keep track of my JWA journey on IG lol.
Oh, an I have this:


This would be fun!
I’m pretty sure they’ll think of something!
Hopefully no more events with 5 unique (attempts) though :sweat_smile:


Little less than a month away. We’ll have to see if its St Pattys worthy or not.

I want a Unique event with one attempt on 5 choices. e.g. Magna/Tryko/Green chicken/Dioraja/Tenonto.


Well I’m looking for something big like that Or epic tower for whole week 7x7 or 2-3 premium strike tower.

I think all the fun events are dead after St Patrick’s day ruined balance in the lower arenas.

Sensible events from now on. :sob:

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23rd of May for me

When did the global release happen. Is something special planned for that

Mine was June 1st.

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If you read the patchnotes you can see that they already have a fix for that

June 4th for me.

I’m assuming there will be a 1st anniversary event for the games.

I wouldn’t expect anymore huge extra special events like St. Patrick’s Day. That was the dumbest thing ever. Sure it was cool to have the opportunity to get some of the most difficult dinos to acquire in the game, but I have been playing for right at a year and hadn’t had those dinos for very long maybe 2 months, but I had to work to get them. Now there are people who have been playing for 1/4 as long as I have within top tier dinos that can get in arenas and trounce me thanks to the ridiculous RNG match ups…

It was May but I forgot the exact date. How can I check it? Does the number #**** mean something?

I wondered the same, not sure what the exact date was, but a small in game cash anniversary gift on that day would be a nice reminder :slightly_smiling_face: and maybe some cookies!

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How about they announce free cookies but then remove them as they would cause unbalanced in match making.


They had that fix planned out when they canceled the tenotorex event… sadly i think our attempts at uniques are done.


To be honest not expecting anything great for the anniversary we will probley get another small update adding a couple of new creatures or maybe treasure chests coin sales or something that will benefit them rather than us.