Anniversary battle help

So I have 2 velociraptors. One level 30 and one level 20. Can you give me a strategy to help kill the Indominus?
Edit: I now have 2 level 20’s after hatching them from the previous double raptor event. So I have 2 20’s and 1 level 30. So maybe I’ll have a better shot for it.

wish i could help you but i don’t have the levels to beat stage 2 , from what i got from the other thread (Weekly schedule 6/10 to 6/16) its probably not possible with 2 raptors

I beat the Indominus with two Raptors. You have to get lucky. Reserve all the way. I don’t know if a level 30 will do it, though. It would depend on the health of the Indominus

What is your second mission @Megalosaurus?

I’m not bothering on my mini account as trying to keep it more balanced.

My main only has one level 20 and couple of 10’s TRex hence stuck at stage 2 and also not bothering to go any further

Almost unbelievable that I cleared the first round with a 30 spinosaurus, my only one.
AI seemingly won’t attack for initial turn or two, maybe even three.
Reserve and block wisely, then hope for the best, if undermanned dino-wise.

Managed to edge out the indominus in the third round on my second try.
With three velociraptors, 10-20-40 in that order.
First one is sacrifice, then second one, the indominus saves up to 6 moves but attacks 4 with 2 blocks, then 0 attack 2 block 2 reserve, this happens twice, if I recall correctly.
My level 20 velociraptor doesn’t have much of an attack, but gets to hit the indominus twice with 2-hits.
Reason being, after the indominus 4-hits, I go 4 reserve, since I know there’ll be 0 hit next turn.
After this happens twice, the indominus hits only with 1, which KOs my level 20 velociraptor.
Now my level 40 velociraptor has 8 moves, and I go all 8 on attack.
Indominus uses 3 block, but it was just enough for the win and I got my reward.
Hope this helps someone.

I’m so bummed not to be able to try this, as that’s exactly what I have, a 10, 20 and 40 velociraptor (I have more I could hatch out had I known I needed them or use some speedups, to get to 40-30-20) but would also have to hatch out my 4 t-rexs to make a level 30 for round 2 to go with my level 40. Lots of speedup cost to do that. It’s a really good pack so definitely tempted.

You have Velociraptor and t-rex enough to win rounds 2 and 3. Better than I had. Round 2 was a level 10 and a level 40. Round 3 was a level 20 and a level 40. You can do it

Not currently I don’t. I only have a single T-Rex (currently I have her at level 35 but can certainly push that up to 40), I would have to hatch out (using speedups) the ones I have waiting in the wings to make a second. Based on my experience trying to make these legendaries, I know that those speedups could cost me a lot and I only have about 6K DBs currently.

I would say it is not worth speeding up to finish this event, while the pack is good it is not worth spending more than maybe 500-1000 DBs on the event IMHO.

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I misunderstood, then. But you would still just need 1 more rex

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@sionsith - yeah that’s my feeling as well. They’ll be other ones.

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This is probs because I’m a noob, but for the fina stage I had to use just my 10 rex. Managed to beat the level 1 Indom though

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Well now I have 2 level 20’s and 1 Level 30

I won the event :slight_smile:


Event disappear for anyone?

It did not (I had already completed it), but interestingly, it just showed back up an hour ago. Time for a re-do!

Ya, it came back and had to re do. I had 2 of the 3 completed.

I just got home and notice the one round I had completed had been cleared… was wondering if maybe they changed the later rounds so more of us could do it?

I tried it…no.