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Anniversary event is Horrible

So this anniversary event is horrible I have not seen anything making this event any better than your weekly events.

I fill like your really focusing on trying to squeeze every last cent out of us and not focusing on rewarding your players better. Make these events better this is supposed to be An Anniversary Celebration and I feel like unless we pay for it we are getting really nothing extra out if it.

What?? We get legendary and unique attempts this week? Along with lots of good incubators strikes?


No more than we get any other event seems lackluster to me so far still have not even gotten a Event sent capsule so they even drop or do we have to buy them.

I got a gift where I got 2 anniversary scents so try to claim your gift.


Some people can never be pleased.

This is one of the best events we’ve gotten. 3 Epic Strikes (the Friday strike guarantees 200 Bumpy DNA), Compso G2 in the rare featured creatures, Dodo in the epics, a chance at Dodocevia and Compsocaulus. If those don’t interest you, 2 other Legendaries and 1 other Unique are available to dart. Plus, all the strike events this week give DNA for the featured creatures, so we have even more access to the new creatures.

Nothing about this event is monetized (aside from the optional offers in the shop). We don’t have to pay for anything and we get tons of rewards.


Oops, I did that and apparently they don’t stack :sweat_smile:

ETA: Just Kidding! Last year’s anniversary scent and this year’s anniversary scent are two different scents


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sounds like someone is spoiled with holiday events. this is one of the best events yet. mostly if not only creatures from the past year. and getting a chance to dart the newest legendaries and uniques.

there won’t be many holiday events that allow us to dart legendary/ unique dna in the middle third of the year. maybe 2.


Didn’t we Just have an event that we got Uniques it was the sauropod one and the events before you that had plenty of legendries. As for the common DNA I have not seen anything I have not been catching for the past couple months. I do have the say the strike towers were easy so there was a plus on that. So maybe its better than I thought but still seems lackluster to me can put my figure on it.

last event that had uniques was the blossom festival in april. that whole month had legendaries/uniques.

I personally see nothing wrong with the common creatures they’ve chosen… What creatures would you have preferred to see for common dna?

Are you kidding me? We’re getting amazing creatures to dart (Dodo, Acrocanthosaurus, Antarctopelta and Andrewsarchus to name the good ones), we’ve received attempts to dart Legendary and Unique creatures, with both pools having highly desirable creatures in them, we’re getting a new Scent with an amazing pool of creatures, great Strike Events and a Bumpy Strike Event, on top of all the other stuff we usually get with the Weekly Events.

How can you say that this event is bad? Geez, people really aren’t going to be content with anything Ludia puts out aren’t they?


I fail to see how this event can be classified as horrible
We get chances to dart new rare, new epic and others, legendaries, and uniques, all containing new creatures, and we have loads of good strike events including bumpy! Bumpy! along with all sorts of other creatures, how would anyone see this event as horrible?!


So what i am hearing is that the person who created this thread is complaning about… free stuff. Seriously, Ludia doesnt need to do anything for their aniverseiry. They dont have to do the weekly events at all. People should be mote grateful about this.

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