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Anniversary Gift

Free coin is free coin, but really 5,000?? I get 15,000 from an epic strike tower. Go level up your creatures? Yay, I can get Phorusrhacos from L10 to L11.

Bah humbug, but Happy Anniversary :tada::tada::tada::tada:


Haha yeah I saw it and thought yay free gift!.. 5,000 coins… ok well that’s how much they value their own anniversary… that tells me a lot. lol.

I happily accepted it and won’t complain because free stuff is free stuff, but seriously, they value their own anniversary at just 5k. Seems odd.


Its a week long event, more goodies to come if you log in for them everyday. :wink:


What’s tomorrow? 10 hard cash
Friday? 5 minute scent capsule
Saturday? 10 Einasaurus DNA


You are making this “be more positive” thing quite hard for me, arent you. :sunglasses::heart_eyes:


Thank you Ludia!

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Wooo that’s good to hear!

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Thank you Ludia. Much appreciated.

Although my first year anniversary of playing was four days ago. :wink:

Coin and hard cash sales too - shame I’m skint at the moment and have very little in game cash left.

No obviously not. First it will be 100000 Irritator g2 DNA then -1000 Irritator dna

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Honestly can’t believe I been playing for a year now. When no mobile game has kept my interest over a month. Hope the rewards get better from here. Good luck all. 5000 coins though? I get much more than that from spinners in a day. More like 5000 hc :wink:


If nothing else, I think it’s the dinos themselves that have kept me playing til now, they are really quite well rendered for a mobile game :slight_smile:


Wish that scents were on sale too.

I would have celebrated with much jubilation had they not completely broken the game with (cheats) stat-boosts. It’s a lamentable celebration at most. :frowning:

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For what it’s worth… I’m happy they gave it. They’re not obliged to give us anything, but they did.

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I appreciate the gift a lot, as I decided to start a new account to make the game fun again. Those 5,000 coins helped me level up my Ankylocodon.

I’m happy about the coin sale. Thanks to all the free hard cash from the stat boost I bought 3 of the large coin sale and 1 medium. Tomorrow I’ll buy another medium. This puts me over 1.2 millions coins. Winning! But don’t worry. My high level creatures are still nothing to your 5 levels lower of the same creature that are stat boosted.

Thats awesome bud. I’ve been playing actively since vanilla launch and I dont think I have ever had more then 300k at one time, heh.

Did this only start today as I didn’t find this on Monday and Tuesday . And yes I did check my mail in game

First gift was yesterday (5,000 coins), 2nd will be today (???)