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Anniversary sales - why it is ending before payday?

I asked this by ingame support, but it’s over 40 hours and still no answer.
I would love to buy one of anniversary bundles, but my payday is 1st June, as lot of people.
Unfortunately, all offers end in few hours from now, so I won’t be able to buy any of them.
If offers were extended for just 12h longer, much more people would spend money ingame.
So Ludia doesn’t want my money?

I have to be a bit of a negative guy here but if you can’t afford something in a game until you get your salary, then you seriously shouldn’t even consider spending that money in the first place.


Oh, so you are the one, who should decide what I will do with my own money?

What money? :slight_smile:


You’re being given advice. Take it or leave it. But @Tielenaar usually has something of value to say.

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Where I work we get paid on a four week cycle so the payday changes through the year. I too always find the week I want to buy something is always the week before my payday. :cry:

Don’t spend any money on this game, you will regret it.


Exactly :slight_smile: you’ll thank us later.

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It’s free game, spending money doesn’t make it any more fun and REALLY doesn’t give you much of an advantage.


So you can have money for the next sale :joy: after sending money on this one too.

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After reading the comments, I fully agree with everyone. I’ve never spent a single penny on this game. 100% free to play and I know I would never spend any real money on it. There’s no point. To what? Buy an expensive incubator that you’ll regret after opening? Just go out daily, hunt, collect you coins/bucks, request dna, use sanctuaries, defeat towers, and grind the game.

No need to spend money when you can play for free and have the same outcome, win some and lose some. Unless you’re dropping thousands it’s not going to make a big difference.


I’ve been a VIP since launch, I have on occasion bought some HC to turn into gold and twice I have purchased the starter pack (rare incubator and FIP’s). Not once have I ever felt that I regretted it.

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That’s good for you. I guess most people won’t be satisfied with the little result you get for spending only few dollars. That’s not how these games work. Few people spend awful amounts of dollars. And if you wait for payday to finally buy stuff, chances are good you will eventually regret this :wink: