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Anniversary Scent gift wasted

It was nice to get the anniversary scent in the mail 2 of them too. But i had already 2 in inventory making the gift ones wasted. I didn’t get them. they didn’t even become overstock. so i basically got nothing. It would’ve been nice to know what was in the gift mail but it didn’t say. Now I’ve missed out on 2 anniversary scents which would’ve been nice to use.


I had scents from last year but this years scent got added to the bottom of the scent list so I had 2 separate anniversary scents showing as 2/2. Worth checking your full scent list unless you mean you already had 2 for this anniversary?

I think they meant they had 2 for THIS anniversary since its available in the shop for 200 cash, so they did lose out on 2 x-tras


Yeah I think so too but thought I’d point it out just in case.