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Announce Creature of the Month early

Come on @E.D I don’t know if you realise this but some people like to know whether they should collect their daily mission reward DNA before it changes or after it changes depending on what the new epic creature will be.

Can we for once start getting these little change announcements in advance, like a week at most but on the Friday before would be good.

It’s not a big request but it will please some of your players.



It’s always a gamble if they don’t announce it early. Most of the time its not a big issue for me.

The only time I had a real problem was when it changed to Bary and I missed out on whatever good DNA it was beforehand


Ussually they are quiet when the new reward is garbage, I would collect the deer while you still can :smile:


lol yeah, sadly I have open 6 incubators, and i’ve only opened 1 and no more strike towers to do. So I hope it changes to something good otherwise i’m screwed lol.

I agree when they don’t announce it, its normally not something too appealing lol

No wonder @E.D failed to announce it, it’s only Sino. I mean seriously?

You’ll know in 1 minute

We already know… it’s Sino!

I lost that lottery. LOL

Lost big time :slight_smile: