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Announced Updates - Thoughts & Comments

Hey folks, in case you didnt notice yet, the team posted on twitter incoming updates!!!

Incoming are:


Possible new character that is “Raksasha” race!

Explorable maps!!! (Cityscapes so far)!!!


First id like to say thank you to the team for hearing what we said and asked for! These are welcome additions, and hopefully more battlescenes will be added along with these!

My humble suggestions for these additions (with no personal claim if added) are as follows:

  1. Rakshasa would take on the second “Healer” category, in some form or sense, Ideally Druid (I mean its a cat person, why not be a druid!) I love Halbenet, but some variety in that category woudl be wonderful. All the other characters are doubled up already :wink:

If we do get druid, id love to see the following abilities maybe a cross between cleric and warlock:

Scimitar, Sickles, Quarterstaves, Sling?

Wild Shape: Add clickables on screen, that when the druid is in your party, he can then save to memory and shapeshift into during combat, or maybe even in story mode (mouse to go through crack in a wall).


Hold Person/Animal/Monster
Spike Growth (Aoe damage area, or impassable)
AOE Restore (Freedom of Movement)
Teleport (Misty Step)
and even the possibility of ground type spell access (grasslands, mountainy etc)

They have access to stuff like Charm Person as well, and Chain Lightning. Can make for a very useful hero! They also have conjure spells, maybe could implement conjuring monsters to fight for the party, a summoner in some ways.


As far as GUILDS!! This is very exciting. There are a ton of things you can likely implement. Ill suggest a few:

Daily active player / friend/ guild member “Help” push buttons. Gives each other free gold or gems or random chest of gear for being interactive daily. Can do it on 4 hr cycles like most other stuff. Log in, click help or send. Would alleviate some lower end new player gold limit issues. The more active a guild, the greater the rewards.

Guild competitions in pvp, like a guild ladder ranking. Guild wars, for coffers, or for prestige etc. Can chose “war” status or “peace status” war status wil randomly face at war guild member sin pvp regardless of rankings.

(My fav suggestion): Guild RAIDS: Have a Guild wide “Raid” boss battle. It requires multiple active members to raid a boss for extreme rewards if completed. Doesnt have to be complex at first, just each member has X amount of tries versus raid boss which has say millions of hp, and when it finally dies, the guild is rewarded based on contributions to damage/tries.

Guild Progress: Have a leaderboard of how many active guild members have progressed through the game. Make primary one time rewards, then u could have daily, weekly and monthly guild specific rewards for how many of each challenges are completed in said time frame.

Guild Crafting, Guild Trading, Guild Questing, and more. Make some rare accessible gear that u can only get from guild activities for each hero. Co-op adventure mode? So many opportunities :wink:


Last but not leastly, world interactive mapping. THIS IS WHERE YOUR BREAD AND BUTTER can be if done right!!! Storyline, shops, trading, random encounters, sooo much opportunity:

World Map with ranges, cities, villages, caverns and more. Storyline brings u from node to node. Nodes can be returned to.

Cities become central hubs, possible dungeons beneath base don story progress.

Shops and buildings, that provide random things, almost in a sims fashion. Build up the city by completing quests, donating gold/gems, selling buying gear, and future craftables, story progress. The key here is not just to make a hub, but a driven environment that progresses the player. Give them a reason to return and return again, building up. Make it a digital game story grind in a way. One time stops are the flavor of mobiel gaming, but indepth story and interactivity is the bread and butter and desire of DnD players, immersivity but also limitations of the app world, is understood, but u have people hungry for the gaem to get even “gooder” :slight_smile:

I could be more specific, but then id feel like I was offering design instead of suggestions. Leave that to yall, but either way, very exciting !


Here are all the images from posts and social media I could find :slight_smile:


That’s Some Wonderfully Mind-Boggling Awesome Thoughts, And Suggestions
@Xx_YESPA_xX :+1:

Haha thanks, however my assumption about a Rakshasa Druid was wrong!

Its a new dungeon AND boss!


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I wonder if they’ll have a guild chat box…
I guess well find out Monday/Tuesday…

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So glad they didn’t add a rams ASHA character. Come on guys. You’ve added all the goofy races like tieflings and half-dragons. Give us a gnome character for crying out load.

Not excited about guilds. It is just a sigmas that the game is about to become a lot more P2W.

I am looking forward to more explore areas.

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