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Annoyed with having too much dna yet less coins to level up creatures


Honestly, when I started on this App last year the Ammount of DNA and Free Coins collected daily was more balanced and I found it easier to level up my Dinos and keep up with it all. Though after the past few updates and changes to the game, I’ve now found it so impossible to Level Up most of my Creatures each week because of the constant overload of DNA being given out compared to the Amounts Of Free Coins you get daily. I think the Coin Costs of Creature Leveling is too much, and Ludia needs to provide more free daily coins…Not all players are able to waste actual money in this app to buy more coin-credits, and Ludia needs to be understanding on that part.

Is anyone else noticed these massive changes in JWA and are you find it a struggle to keep up with your Dino Upgrades each week ??


I have 94 dinos that could be leveled right now. Almost all of them are dinos that I will never use and so I’ll never level. Some, like purrlyth amd gryposuchus, may be able to be high enough to make the unique, but I’m not wasting the coins to make a useless dino. I focus on my main team and on dinos that are good enough that may be used for the magic 8. Otherwise, they will sit fprever with their level buttons flashing.


What youre saying is essentially that youre getting too much for free and should get more. Your local grocery store gives you a free ham and you tell them they should pay your power bill to cook it. You should be grateful because most people had to spend months searching for the DNA youre upset you were handed. The idea that you cant afford to or want to spend money on coins so they should be given to you is… Mind boggling to me. You were given a present and told to spend time and effort and your response is “nah, just give it to me”

P.S.- Im not trying to be harsh here but… Come on


You say that but we get way more chances to get coins now than we never used too. I’d say we get more than enough now with all of the events and strike events

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Honestly, the DNA I was getting pre 1.5 was way better than the scraps Ludia “hands” us now. The coin situation is a little better now though.


Sounds like she started playing during Christmas event.


Of course!
Before there were Neither DNA and coin!!!
SO we got nothing to lvl up!!!
I mean just SERIOUSLY…
If you truly played the game at the beginning,you should notice:
-you can’t earn money from donation
-you were lower lvl so less money on everything
-No money from alliance missions
-Less money from tower strike
-You had to GO on the stops to earn money and darts
-No money from daily missions
-Less Hard cash in general so,because i convert this trash into money,LESS MONEY

I give you only ONE point…
Because you were lower player,upgrade dino at the beginning cost nothing and thats how every games run

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I think we have the opportunity for plenty of coins. Of course they need to be used wisely like all resources. We used to get so very little for free.


I agree…
Of course,you can’t spend it for 94 dino but actually,you only have 5 tyrants,so i don’t even understand the problem…
Maybe he want to create an apatorsaure lvl 30?

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Why not level the ones you like?

My self I run the Dino’s I like and level them up.

Of course I don’t go on forum and complain about being broke…

(I’m Soo broke lol)

But who and what you level is a very personal choice. Not every one battles to be number one. Some of us like variety and just battling.


Maybe but actually,the game dev clearly make us understand than there is no point to reach any common common,rare or epic over lvl 30,so you don’t have to complain about getting enough coins for the moment since you should focus on the most important components.
I understand your point,of course,i hate this version of the game myself but i don’t decide it…
If i could decide,i would either buff all common,rare,and epic.
Nerf the tyrants and apex 1,and buff survivor to hatchling dinos.

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Naw I think that uniques should be over powered no nerfed and even harder to get.

Legendary less so more balanced

Epic should be good at three things (combo of three stats or move set)

Rare should be good at 2

Common should be good at one

But yeah they should be adjusted up rather then nerfed down.

(T Rex should have a different move than it’s un used ever basic attack etc.)

It should go unique vs. unique 1 dino to beat if played well

Legendary 1 or 2 to beat unique if played well

Epic 1 or 2 to beat legendary… Etc down the line with some in each class being over powered enough to hit a class above


I actually just level up all my Normal Dinos and haven’t focused much on Hybrids too much, except for Indominas Rex. And that’s all many because I don’t see most of the Hybrids as being worth it unless they are Indominas Rex and Indoraptor, and the Normal Dinos (including my Dino Team) I find more better as they are original creatures from the “Jurassic Park Saga” as a whole.

Though right now I’m not collecting much DNA and doing Battles because I’m really focusing on collecting Coins and Bucks each day…so I can level up the creatures that I have DNA of for a while now.


Yes that’s true I did say that…But honestly, I’m not the only user on the game who actually thinks that Free DNA from Incubators are more higher than any Coins and Bucks that we collect each day…And so end up with high amounts of Creature Backlogs for Leveling Up.

Dude I have had 60+ Creatures in my collection most of the times since late 2018…and I can’t level them because I never have enought coins and bucks on hand, I’ve spent actual money on the app in the past only to actually find that a waste really because of the level costs each Dino…whicj is too much I think.


True but that only depends on the area in which each player actually lives in, and how many Loot Boxes, Battle Arenas and Battle Incubators they can actually get and find in their local areas.

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True…But I’m actually sick of receiving a large bunch of Miragaia, Irritator, Tryceratops and a few others for free right now over the past months now! I have soo much of tjeir DNA that I can’t get rid of them. Stuff which are already common in my area anyway in tje wild.

In my opinions they should offer Free Daily DNA Dinos who are not so common, maybe Some Rares, Some Epics and a Small Amount of Hybrids.


@Jonny5 ^^ another one

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one thing ive learned is never complain about free stuff. learned that in second grade when this dude used to donate gifts to our class for christmas. he gave me a helicopter and i stood up and said “thats it? a hellicopter??” felt like a big jerk afterwards lol


Ah no actually I started playing when the Beta Version of “Jurassic World Alive” was offered to Android Users with Google Play in early 2018.

I was doing very well with creature leveling until Ludia released frequent Updates from Mid-2018.



Ludia has even given me a Loot Box at My Location ever since then, as a thank you for being 1 of the users on Android Phone / Google Play Service to take part in the Beta and then share early feedback and future ideas.

That Loot Box is still at my location today, though my entire local area doesn’t have lots of Loots Boxes and Battle Arenas.