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I used to love the originality of JWA in that you could play on your own making a daily walk more fun thereby improving your health. Now with the pokemon go wannabe update I am actually having a lot less fun and am thinking of stopping playing altogether. By the way in this day of social distancing is it a good idea to get groups of people together and flaunt this rule? Please give us a choice about whether we want to play raids or not otherwise I am going to have to think seriously about deleting this game from my phone which is unthinkable seeing how much I was enjoying it of late.


Get groups of people together? I don’t think I understand what you mean… No one needs to physically get together for raids. And they aren’t mandatory


You don’t need to do raids. plus, as long as you have friends, you can do a raid without other people nearby


Idk I think this update, while having some pretty nasty rebalancing, is really great. Doing the raids isn’t just challenging, it’s fun, more fun I’ve ever had in a long time. It’ll be interesting to one day try to solo the easier raids


I feel ya man … is there a way to go invisible so people can stop inviting me to raids? I’m trying to do a giga scent and I get request after request, kinda annoying after awhile

Imagine getting raid requests lol

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