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Annoying arena balance


I would like to inform you what I observed about the Arena…

My team’s power is around 6500 and i got so many times 7300-8300 strong opponent. Impossible to win.

My boyfriend’s team power is similar like mine around 6600 and he constantly get 2200-4500 strong opponent.

This happens every day with him, so he can reached the Crystal I and I am still at the Bronze Liga. I would like to ask why is this happening? It is not correct with the players. I think it is not a good balance…

Please change this, because it is not fun to play like that.

Best Regards,

Maybe this has something to do with your trophies at the beginning of the season. Seems if you can get past the mass of real players you would easily get matched against really weak bots. This is the case in season 2, maybe still the case now.

Finding opponents happens entirely at random, with the mechanism suggesting people of your Trophies’ range and not your BP.

İ think you are so unlucky girl