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Annoying creatures

Don’t play Dracoceratops, procerathomimus, ardentomaximus, indo gen 2

totes mcgotes.

What about Kaprosuchus?

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While I certainly agree…



You’re not my real mom!


Ardentis isn’t that bad, it’s a unique unlike all the other annoying dinos so it deserves to be good in my opinion, I agree with the rest though

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Why is dracoceratops bad. It used to be good but now. Okay it does 40% of damage swapping in but it dies right away and only sometimes gets an attack of even with rampage because it is slow unless you boosted it when it was good.

And it’s not even that hard to topple it over. Carnotarkus with enough HP can put up a shield and rampage it, as long as Smaxima isn’t speed boosted. My Erlidom tends to fool the smaximas quite often. And with good swap-out/swap-in strategies, Smaxima’s just a minor inconvenience.

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Play a more creative team

Um… No. Procerathomimus is my favorite hybrid, and has been ever since it was introduced. Why shouldn’t I play it? Because almost everyone is complaining about it? No, I will continue using Procerathomimus. Besides, mine is just super easy to kill anyways since it’s completely unboosted. :sweat_smile::sweat_smile::sweat_smile:


Whats a creative team?


Teams without these creatures

What’s your team?

I’m tired of playing these stupid creatures because people want to level up

Good question, my team is Thor, Gemini just swapped out for Spinonyx, Smilo, Dior, Ptero, Erlik, Indo, Tryk

Ah yes, i’ll stop using my maxima just for you.

Wowie, trykosaurus? That’s a pretty unorthodox choice. How creative.

Thor and Indoraptor too? The two easiest uniques to create? How peculiar. Definitely creative.

Are those Gemini, Dio and Nemys? Three of the best tanks in the game? How radical and creative.

Hop off your high horse and make your team better without complaining.


Dio is pretty rare to find in arena though.

Hardly. It’s arguably better than tryko in some ways. Plenty of people roll with it, I see it pretty regularly.

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I wish I’d see it more often. It does seem to stand a better chance against my team than Tryko, especially when I bring out the Erlikospyx.
Not sure if OP meant Erlikospyx or Erlidom, or the epic Erliko. Ptero could be Pteraquetzal or Pteranodon, which I’ll give OP that, it’s an unusual choice. Spinonyx might be good but Spyx is way better for the distract. Still, Spinonyx would be an extremely rare sight.