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Annoying stun bug

Has the title says i lost 3 games in a row due to a really annoying bug with stun efect when the efect last for 2 turns not one
Thor use instant move on purutaurus he got stunned till now all good but next turn thor use impact or basic move and puru counter atack is denied ( he was alive) thats really frustrating lose to a enemy when he should be dead with counter atack
Instant stun move is broken
Fix it ludia :frowning:

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Did u use Instant Distraction? When Thor stunned Purru?

Which dino was faster? But if im not wrong, stun will deny a counter attack.

Hey Rctuga, the speed of each dino along with the abilities that were used, can factor into when the stun effect from Instant Charge expires.

If you have more details of your battles, we’ll be happy to take a look and see if there might be any issues, however.

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This one is all about who’s move goes first as to when the stun wears off.

If you make any move first and your opponent’s move is second with a stun, you will lose your CA on that round. Next round you will be stunned and you will lose both your chance to attack and your CA on that attack as well.

If your opponent attacks first and stuns you, you lose your attack and CA for that round but the next round will be back to normal.

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That’s why I don’t use any instant moves when I know the opponent is going to stun my Dio.


My purutaurus was faster then thor i just needed around 600hp to kill it
1st turn thor used instant stun strike
I used cleanse strike but got stunned so i ended turn
2nd turn thor use impact and once again puru counter atack didnt work like when he was stuned

Yeah stun deny counter atack on that turn on this case stun denied 2 turns of counter atack

@James_Simmons That’s why I never use a priority move with a stun incoming, unless it’s death otherwise.
Mostly Tryko v Dilo.

Right so the battle sequence described by op is working as intended?

Hey Rctuga, that sounds like the stun effect should have expired the turn it was used. However, could you please make sure that you didn’t use a Priority ability, such as Instant Distraction, the turn Thoradolosaur used Instant Charge? As that will cause the stun to carry over to the next turn.

Nop i didnt used instant distraction move im sure about that

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That’s strange, could you email our support team here at with your support key along with a bug report on this, and details of your battle? It would allow our team to gather more information and investigate. Thanks!

Just hapened again but this time with megalosuchus :face_with_symbols_over_mouth: