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Annual VIP subscription


The annual vip subscription says it gives 4 Dino’s and shows 4 raptors, does it actually give you 4 velociraptors or does it award random Dino’s or something else?


Hey Rhaffer, you’ll get 4 Velociraptors for signing up to a yearly VIP subscription. I hope this helps!

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How do I cancel my VIP so I can sign up for the yearly instead?


Hey PhantomPhaeton, you should be able to control your subscription from your app store. Our FAQ here has more information for this, depending on your device.




I just signed up for the yearly and indeed got 4 raptors with it, and a discount on the monthly cost as well. Guess I’m definitely in this for the long haul now!

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:sparkler: That’s awesome, @Mary_Jo!! :sparkler: